Video / Power / Data Balun Okina VPB-111RJ

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Passive Video Balun with Video, Power & Data, Model: VBU111RJ
  • Transmit a color video signal up to 300M / 1000Ft, 
    and a full motion monochrome (B&W) video signal up to 500M / 1600Ft. 
  • Transmit power signal up to 200M / 600Ft. (Please 
    see Voltage Drop List).
  • Transmit data signalup to 300M / 1000Ft.
  • BNC male with RJ45 Jack; male and female 12V DC plug on one device. 
  • Video, camera power, data (RS422, 485) transmission over one standard 
    CAT5 cable.
  • Wave Filter Design, Anti-Static Design, Confirm to IEC 61000-4-2:1995 
  • Interference Rejection
  • ABS Outer Shell
Application Diagram:


Model Number
Video Input / Output
Video Signal
1V p-p, 75 Ohms
Transmission Distance
Video: Color 300M / 1000Ft, B&W 500M 
/ 1600Ft
Power: 200M / 600Ft
Data: 300M / 1000Ft
UTP/ Twisted Pair CAT5 
Data Wire
2 Wire Bare Lead
Lighting Protection
IKV (10/700us)
No Power Required
Max Current

How does a balun work?
Baluns are used to convert between "Balanced and Unbalanced" electrical signals.
Baluns work by transforming the original unbalanced (video/power/data/etc) signal to a balanced frequency used by a different cable, like CAT5 UTP. Not only does this reduce interference, but it also allows you to transmit a signal much longer than the original application would allow. Baluns are always utilized in pairs. One balun is needed to convert the original signal to a new frequency, and another balun is used at the other end to revert to the original frequency.

"Passive" Video Baluns do not require power, and can extend a signal up to 2000ft (B/W)
"Active" Video Baluns require power, but can extend a signal up to 8000ft (B/W)