2U 14" Component Shelf

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Kendall Howard product page SKU: 1906-1-002-02A
Support Phone Number: 1-651-213-1333

The Kendall Howard Rack Mounted line of shelves is another great way to store your non-rack mountable components. Our shelves are suitable for monitors, modems, DSL routers, tape players, backup units, and virtually anything you can think of. 

These products are constructed from heavy 14-gauge steel and individually formed by hand. Each corner also features radius corners for optimum safety and handling. All shelving units have a front and back flange to ensure your components cannot slide off.

Our 2U unit is a great medium to heavy-duty shelf. This unit will support just about any monitor or other medium weight component. This is the all around best shelf for most racking needs.


Weight Capacity: 120 lbs
Width/Depth: 19"/14"
Height: 3.5"