1000Ft Cat.6 Stranded Wire Bulk Cable Shielded Red, 26AWG CMH

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* 26AWG pure copper 4 Pair SSTP (Double Shield) Ethernet cable
* Stranded Wire
* 550MHz rated
* CM rated
* UL listed
* Pull box

Solid vs Stranded:
Solid wire consists of one piece of metal wire.
Stranded wire is composed of a bundle of thinner wires. 

Pros of Solid Wire: 
* Less Expensive than stranded wire
*More compact diameter for the same current carrying capability as stranded
* Less likely to fail due to corrosion

Cons of Solid Wire: 
* Typically only available in small gauges
* Continuous flexing or vibration will cause the wire to fatigue and break
(Commonly used for in-wall wiring where flexibility is not required)

Pros of Stranded Wire:
* Very flexible and withstands a greater amount of flexing and vibration
* Easier to rout

Cons of Stranded Wire: 
* Diameter is larger for the same carrying capability as solid
* More costly than solid wire
* More likely to fail due to corrosion from capillary action & a high surface area