12-24 Rack Screws Bulk Pack - 5000 Pack

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Kendall Howard product page SKU:0100-3-100-03
Support Phone Number: 1-651-213-1333

All Kendall Howard 12-24 Rack Screws have a pilot point that helps prevent cross threading and guide the screw when being installed. Kendall Howard rack screws are cold forged and have a black oxide with wax finish. These truss head screws are 0.75 inches long and install with any Phillips screw driver or bit.

Part Number: 0100-3-100-03
Width: 0.51"
Depth: 0.88"
Height: 0.51"
Weight: 37.40 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 10.625" L x 10.625" W x 11" H
Color: Black Oxide with Wax Finish

*Qty 5000 - 12-24 Rack Screws