16LED Wallmount Solar Multi-mode Sensor LED Light 2.4W 270LM, 4pc Set

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Wallmount Solar Sensor LED Light (4Pc Set)

The LED Solar Multi-mode Sensor Light is ideal for outdoor lighting use. It is wall-mountable and really easy to mount, no wiring installation required. It features a built-in sensor eye that detects any motion within 16Ft. The light will automatically turn on when motion is detected, then turns off after 15 seconds if no motion is detected. The solar panel allows the battery to charge during the day with solar light. Normally, it can be fully charged in one day under bright sunlight.

Main Features:

* Motion sensor automatically turns the light on/off (4 Different modes)
* Energy saving, low power LED light
* Built-in Lithium battery, rechargeable by solar power
* Up to 12 Hours working time with a single charge
* Sunlight sensitive (only turns on at night or in low light conditions)
* Easy installation and no wiring required

4 Motion Sensor Modes:

The initial mode is MODE 4. Use switch button to change mode as below.

MODE 1: NO light when no motion, bright light is activated when detecting motion within 16Ft shuts off in 15 sec.
MODE 2: Dim light when no motion, bright light is activated when detecting motion, return to dim in 15 sec.
MODE 3: Auto on at night / Auto off at sunrise
MODE 4: Switch off

Packing Content:

* 1 Motion sensor light
* 1 Mounting accessories kit (includes 1 screw, 1 sleeve)
* 1 user manual



Model/Part #
ABS Platic + PC + AL
Built-in 2200mAh Lithium Battery, rechargeable by solar power
1 W
Average LED Lifespan
>50,000 Hrs
LED Light source
Working Time
>12 Hours
Sensor Time
15 Seconds
Product size
4.9"x 3.78" x 1.85" (124x96x47mm)
Outdoor Rating
Carton Qty
25 Pcs