2 U Flat Cable Lancing Panel 10 Pack

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Kendall Howard product page SKU: 1903-1-012-02

Numerous Lacing Slots:
Lacing slots nearly cover the entire length of the panel allowing convenient routing to either side of the rack.
No Mess Maintenance:
Cables will now be organized in such a fashion that little effort is needed to locate the right cable. Maintenance times will decrease as a result of this organization.
Strain Reliever:
Relieves cable weight from network equipment, and also helps to avoid connection ports from being damaged or disconnected.
Rounded Corners:
All corners are rounded to avoid snagging or damaging cables, hands, and/or other devices.
Universal Mounting :
This lacing panel features standard 19"EIA compliant mounting holes that are compatible with any standard rack hardware. (Hardware not included.)