4Way (4-in/1-out) HDMI Switch 4K 30Hz

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The 4x1 HDMI Switch routes HD video and digital audio from any one of the four sources to display. Four inputs accommodate the connections of 4 HD video sources simultaneously, such as cable box, game, PC, or Blu-ray players. The output sends the HD audio/video signals to a HD display. Switching is done by push button on the unit or via the IR remote that is provided with the unit.

This switch is equipped with IR Extension function. You can control source devices and HDMI switch box either at source device location or remote display location. Say you have source devices such as cable box and blu-ray player in the living room, and your TV in the bed room upstairs. Take remote controls upstairs. You can change TV channel or switch to blu-ray player in the bedroom without going downstairs to the living room.

** IR remote control adapters are sold seperately. **

110512 110513 110514

* 4 HDMI input, 1 HDMI output
* Switch by push button or remote (included)
* 4K 30Hz Resolution & 3D supported
* IR extension function, forward or backward
* Power: DC5V (power adapter included)