5Kg (11Lb) Silver Stainless Steel Platform Kitchen Scale NS-K15

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5 Kg (11 Lb) Stainless Platform Kitchen Scale NS-K1G

This Stainless platform kitchen scale is designed for kitchen use. Great tool to keep track of meal portions or simply to add the correct amount of ingredients to your favorite recipes. Great to weigh fruits, vegetables, meats, cheese, and many other ingredients. It has an easy clean stainless steal platform and it weights in 4 different unit types (oz ,ml, lb'oz, g).


* High-Precision Sensor 
* Weight range of 5000g/1g 3000g/1g
* Weights in 4 different units:
ounces (oz), milliliters (ml), pounds-ounces (lb'oz), grams (g)
* Division value 1g 
* Automatic Zero point tracking 
* Automatic turn-off 
* Over load prompt 
* LCD Display with negative white digital 
* Stainless steal Platform 
* Easy clean 
* Low power consumption



Power off Mode
Auto Powers off in 1 Minute
Operation Temperature
10-30 °C
Back Light
Blue Backlight
2x AAA Eateries INCLUDED
Max Weight
Low Battery indicator
left prompt sing will appear
Tare Function
by pressing the ON/OFF button
5 Units selection