6-Pack 3.5W LED Filament Bulb Edison Style 2200K 25W Dimable E26 L32602

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6-Pack LED Filament Edison Bulb

The 3.5W Vintage Edison Style LED Filament Bulbs are the perfect replacement for your standard 25W incandescent bulbs. The modern LED filament technology has been brilliantly combined with an amber-colored, clear glass style bulb to give off an amazing 360 degree beam of light that creates a perfect vintage looking, warm and relaxing environment. Its dimmable design allows you to create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion. Even at low levels, the LED filament bulbs are stable, pure, and highly efficient. The LED Filament Bulbs install just as easily as any ordinary incandescent bulbs, but the long life of the filament bulbs means less hassle of having to replace them so often. The LED filament bulbs consume significantly less energy than ordinary LED bulbs, and a lot less compared to standard incandescent bulbs, meaning big savings for you on your electricity bill.



Bulb Size
Height: 5.4in / 136mm
Width: 2.6in / 66mm
Diameter: 2.6in / 66mm
Type of Bulb
Base Type
Filament Material
Luminous Flux
300 Lm
3.5 Watts
Incandescent Equivalent
25 Watts
Bulb Features
360° Light Distribution
Color Temperature
2200 Kelvin, Amber
Start-Up Time
Instant On
Bulb Life
≥ 15,000 Hours
AC120V 60Hz
UL Listed
Energy Conservation