8 Outlet Power Managed Energy Controlled Surge Protector

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This power managed surge protector allows you to automatically power on/off devices on 4 "slave" outlet following the on/off of the device on "master" outlet. For example, connect TV to the master, and DVD player and cable box to slave. When TV is turned on or off, the device senses it and turns on / off the power of the slave outlets, thus stop consuming standby power of peripheral devices. There are 3 transformer spaced "always on" outlet for devices such as fax or internet modem/router.

This surge protector comes with 1050 joules to protect valuable electronic devices from damaging power spikes, lightning and interference found in all electrical power sources. When this occurs, the surge protector dissipates the incoming and outgoing voltage to a level that that will not damage equipment or will completely shut down not allowing any electric current to reach any connected devices.

* Rating: AC125V, 15A, 1875W
* Joules rating; 1050J
* Cord length: 6Ft
* Clamping voltage: 400V
* Max spike current: 19500A
* Max spike voltage: 6000V
* Response Time: less than 1ns
* EMI/RFI noise rejection: up to 20dB from150KHz to 30MHz