8-Pack Solar-Powered LED Garden Lights

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Solar-Powered LED Accent Light (Set of 8)

These Solar powered LED lights are designed for garden, backyard, and outdoor lighting. The solar panels automatically charge the lights during the day, so your garden looks beautifully lighted and decorated at night time. Simple to assemble and install. No tools required. Ready to use in less than a minute. Includes garden stake.

How these Solar Lights work:

During the day the solar panel converts sunlight to power and charges the rechargeable battery. At night time the lights turn on automatically with the stored energy.

How long do the lights illuminate?

It depends on geographical location, weather conditions and seasonal light availability.

Features & Remarks:

* No wires required 
* Easy assembly 
* Ready to use in less than 1 minute
* Energy Saver 
* Approximately 8.5" tall once the stack is fully push in to the soil
* Switch needs to be on "ON" M

* Solar Panel embed 
* Avg charge time (6Hrs of direct sunshine to solar panel) 
* IP44 Rated
* LED Light max 0.07w