BestDuplicator - 6FT AC Power Cord Cable for BestDuplicator branded Duplicators

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  • Universal replacement AC power cord for a computer monitor, desktop PC, printer, scanner, HDTV, LED-lit monitor, ceiling mounted projector, powered speakers, laser printer, and more
  • Female end will connect directly with your device and male end will plug into a standard outlet
  • SAFETY with this standard NEMA 15-5-P grounded power plug and 3 pin shrouded female IEC-320-C13 connector; SJT cable type is 13A/300V rated
  • UL Listed with a standard NEMA 15-5-P grounded power plug to 3 pin power female IEC-320-C13 connector, cable type SJT 10A/300V rated
  • Compatible to Vizio TV equipment that only uses the 3 pin power connection


BestDuplicator Power Cords are used everyday for a variety of different applications. Televisions, computers, lights, machinery, are all examples or devices that use power cords. Almost anything you can think of that is plugged into an electric socket uses a power cord. Sometimes products come with power cords that are too short for your application or task at hand. Amamax's power cords are useful to achieve power connections and also help you reach various lengths that you desire. PI offers a variety of different end connections and extensions. If a power cord is too short, extensions help you to make a cord longer allowing you to use only the lengths you need. 18AWG wires with a 10 amp power input are the standard for power cords and will work in a majority of everyday devices and products.