DVR / VCR Security Lock Box

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Kendall Howard Product Page: 1917-3-001-00

Support Phone Number: 1-651-213-1333

Kendall Howard manufactures and stocks one of the strongest DVR boxes available. It is made from heavy gauge steel. The hinge for the door is built into the frame and recessed to prevent tampering. The Kendall Howard DVR / VCR Security Lock Box allows for up to two 4" fans to be installed inside. Kendall Howard DVR / VCR Security Lock Boxes are Made in the USA and backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Add the Wall Mount Bracket Kit for added strength.

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* Part Number: 1917-3-001-00
* Color: Black Powder Coated Finish
* Width: 20"
* Depth: 21.05"
* Height: 9"
* Weight: 28.50 lbs.
* Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty