LC 12 Multi Colors pigtials with blister box package,1.5M

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The LC 12 multi-color pigtails Assemblies are typically used to terminate fiber optic cables and connections via Fusion and mechanical splicing , each one of the pigtails is color coded with a unique color that allows easier connector identification.

Mechanical splicing:

Mechanical splicing are alignment fixtures that hold the ends of two fibers together by self-contained assembly.


Fusion splicing

Fusion splices are made by "welding " the two fibers together usually by an electric arc. 

Specs & Details

* 12 color coded pigtails
* 1.5M length 
* conveniently packed in blister package 
* Provides accurate mounting for precision alignment of fiber optical components
* connector A LC connectors 
* Connector B unfermented 
* UPC Polish