Mechanical Timer Single 2-Prong Outlet

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Save energy and automate your home's lights, fans, and appliances with our slim and easy-to-use mini 24 Hour Plug-in Mechanical Timer. Just set your schedules and go, and you'll never worry if you left your appliances on ever again.

* Up to 24 On/Off programs
* Programs repeat every 24 hours
* 2-Prong Outlet and Plug
* Slim and compact



1. Make sure all gray pins are "UP"
2. Push "DOWN" gray pins for the time period when the attached device is "ON"
3. (Each pin represents a 30 min time interval )
4.EXAMPLE ON time 7PM ,OFF time is 11PM (Press "DOWN" all pins between 7-11PM)
5. This timer repeats the same setting daily 
( More details on user's guide ) 



* when switch is on the "Clock" position timer turns on and off the attached device 
* When the switch is "ON" position timer will bypass the programming and attached device will remain "ON" 


Electrical Rating: 
* 125VAC, 
* 60 Hz,
* 1875W, 
* 8A/1000W