Portable USB Mini Battery Fans with Umbrella Hanging and Metal Clip(Black)

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Portable USB Fan with Hanger

Portable Mini USB Fan with Hanger is a compact and easy carry multi use fan that has a removable V-shaped buckle hanger that can be installed according to the scenario, such as umbrella, baby stroller, student dormitory, office etc. The compact design and fast USB charging allows you to take it anywhere and fold it in multiple angles during hot summer days.

Main Features:

* Comfortable Hand-grip Design
* “V” Clip to hang it 
* Portable mini size 
* Folds on different angles 
* Apply to Umbrella while walking 
* Rechargeable battery
* 3 Speed ventilation mode


* Output: 4W
* Working time: 1-4Hr
* Charging time: 3Hr
* Battery Type: LI-ION 18650-3.7V
* Charger : Input 5V

Package Contents:

* 1 Mini Foldable fan 
* 1 1200mAh 18650 lithium-ion battery 
* 1 Metal “V” Clip Hanger
* 1 Charging USB cable