TV Antenna 20" J-Pole Beige Color, JX-005

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J-pole antenna mast JX-005, with a 20" long and 1" diameter pole is the ideal Antenna mast for the WA2608, WA2006, AV163 or any Outdoor TV Antenna with 1" diameter mounting. The J-Pole has a pivoting foot, which allows for easy installation on vertical or horizontal or any angle surfaces. Mount it on the Eave, Mount it on the Roof, Mount it on the Deck Railing, or any surface. With the J-Pole Pivoting Foot you are able to mount the pole on almost any angle and still be able to install antenna straight up. 

* Works with all of our outdoor antennas (204233, 204238, 204247)
* Mounting hardware for wood and concrete included. 
* Package size: 18-3/4 x 5-1/8 x 2.5" 
 * Master carton qty: 20