Car Trunk Organizer with PE Bottom Card

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Car Trunk Organizer with PE Bottom Card:

This trunk organizer fits most Cars/SUVs trunks and provides more space, ideal to keep things more organized like
tools, groceries, clothes, toys, sports gear, auto supplies and many other things that you would normally keep in your car, made from durable and resistant material .

More Information:

* Two divided compartments 
* Folds and converts from one to two compartments in seconds 
* 3 front mesh pockets for easy access to small tools 
* 2 Stiched in handles for easy carry 
* Seats stable on floor,carpet and trunks 
* It features velcro straps for stability 
* Designed to hold large and small items 
* Dimensions (25.5")x(13")x(13") (W x H x D) 
* Material PE (Polyethylene)