10Ft HDMI Cable with Mesh Jacket 3D 4K 30Hz 30AWG

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Connects cable box, satellite box, game box, DVD player, or any device that has an HDMI output to another HDMI device such as HDTV or projector. All our HDMI cables and devices are purchased from manufacturers that are CERTIFIED by hdmi.org.

* HDMI Spec: High Speed HDMI 
* Gold plated plugs
* 30AWG, Bare copper
* OD:7.3mm
* Supports 2K,4K Resolutions 
* Data Throughput : 10.2Gbps 
* 1080p resolution at 60Hz
* 4K resolution at 24Hz
* Deep Color up to 16-bits per channel
* Plug protection caps
* RoHS compliant