40Ft HDMI Cable 4K/60Hz S7/8181 CL2 26AWG

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The latest generation of Spectra7’s HDMI in-cable equalization technology, with advanced signal processing allows it to support wide band data across very thin and long cables while maintaining compatibility with the next generation of HDMI 2.0 devices. Spectra7’s power-harvesting technology allows these advances to be supported without external power supplies. CSP packaging provides a compact PC-board footprint, allowing use in the smallest connectors.

* Supports data rates up to 18Gbps (6Gbps per channel)
* Equalizes all four TMDS channels
* Linear equalization fully allows sink-EQ to adapt and further equalize the signal
* Equalizes the channel response out to 4.1GHz
* Enables cables to pass HDMI Category 2 loss mask
* Preserves muted signal states and lower power states in HDMI receiver
* Optimized EQ and configuration settings burned during cable production with RT-Tester
* No external power needed


* 4K HDMI Cable with Spectra7 technology
* Support 1080p and 4K @60Hz
* 26AWG cable
* OD: 8.5mm
* CL2 rated
* RoHS compliant
* UL listed