BestDuplicator Premium-M Series - 32 Target (1 to 32) USB Duplicator / Multiple Flash USB Card Copier

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USB drive duplicator is a professional USB flash drive duplicator offering flash memory copying technology suitable for anyone involved in multiple drive duplication. The user-friendly LCD interface provides a simple one-step copy function that duplicates ThumbDrive and USB flash drives at an optimal speed producing the maximum number of copies listed on the unit. A computer is not required at all for this standalone duplication system. All inside the copy tower itself, different files, such as digital pictures, MP3 files, and other data are automatically detected to allow stable and secure copying without the added trouble or stress from a computer to handle such functions. The USB drive duplicator ensures a fast, cost effective solution for duplication runs whether copying be performed at home, office, or studio. BestDuplicator controllers use a high quality chip that has less fail rates in comparison to its competitors. This unit is fully assembled in our Distribution Center Nationwide in 6 different Areas within the USA. USA Technical Support, Tech Support in Multiple languages.