Cat.6A Shielded Inline Coupler

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If you need to link several 10Gig networking cables together, or extending existing cable runs, In-line Cat.6A Coupler can help you make the right connection. The Cat.6A in-line coupler provides a female-to-female feed-through connection for easy cable hook-up allowing Cat.6A performance standards.The coupler is fully covered in metal case to protect signal against electro-magnetic noises.

* For use with Cat.6A (STP) 10G Ethernet cables
* Fully shield to protect against electro-magnetic noises
* Connectors: One RJ-45 Female to One RJ-45 Female 
* Type: 8 conductor straight-thru RJ-45 Cat.6A
* Designed for computer networking applications
* Works with all BestLink Netware Cat.6A patch cables