iMBAPrice Brown Sealing Tape - 1 Box of Premium (6 Roll of 110 Yards) 6 x 330 Feet Long 2" Wide Tan/Brown Color Shipping Packaging Tape

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This tough strong brown color tape is a high performance packing tape for essentially all your packaging needs. It is real 1.8 Mil thick and 110 yards long, so it is not thin and it is not flimsy. The adhesives are acrylics and they are superior to hot melt in temperature range, resistance to yellowing and improved stickiness over time. The adhesives are special engineered to remove repugnant odors that are common with most acrylic packing tapes. With this tape, you get excellent performance at great cost savings.Our in-house design & manufacturing facilities which allows us to offer exceptionally high quality products at economical prices. The leading edge of the tape features a small non-sticky strip, to make starting the roll easy and is approved for use with all major shipping carriers, including UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS and more.