NET Finder PRO

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NETfinder Pro is an expanded version of NETfinder. This Pro version adds the Cable Organizer function to allow it to work with up to 18 remote ID?, which means it can identify hub/switch ports at the closet level, and to match cables at up to 18 different locations.
The Cable Organizer function enables identification of a larger number of mislabeled cables quickly and effortlessly.

* 18 remote units for larger installation 
* Compact in size so everything fits into one pouch 
* Tests for wiring faults of open, short, reversed and crossed pairs 
* Verification of shield integrity 
* Specially designed remote unit that enables one person to test installed cables 
* Built-in Portfinder function to trace ports back to switch 
* Easy to read fault display and high speed testing 
* Low battery indicator 
* Tone Generator Features