USB to MIDI Adapter Cable, USB A to 2 x DIN-5

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It's easy to turn your PC into a music studio. Start by connecting an electronic musical instrument to your computer with the supplied USB MIDI cable. Within minutes you'll be able to play songs while they are being recorded on your PC! Complete with attached USB cable and MIDI in and MIDI Out cables Powered via the USB cable!A so no power supply or batteries required. 

* 1-in/1-out MIDI Interface 
* No driver installation required 
* True plug and play - USB powered and Class Compliant. 
* Auto detection for high-speed/full-speed 
* Supports Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS9.X/10.X

* Host cable: USB A male (15 inch)
* Device cable: 5 pin DIN male (6Ft)