Arlington Products

Product Name Model No. Image Price Select Quantity
Arlington Industries DVFR2W-1 Wall Plate, 2 Gang, White DVFR2W-1 $19.79
Arlington Industries 38AST-50 38AST-50PK Wall Plates, Trade 3/8-InchKnockout Size: 1/2-Inch, Silver, 50 A-38AST-50 $44.46
Arlington Industries TVBS507-1 TVBS507 Recessed Outlet Wall Plate Kit, 3-Gang, White TVBS507-1 $33.98
Arlington TVBR22K TV Bridge Kit III, Two-Gang Upper Box and Two-Gang Lower Box TVBR22K $82.90
Arlington NMLT50-1 Straight Non-Metallic Liquid-Tight Connector, 1/2 Inch NMLT50-1 $4.89
Arlington LV2-50 Low Voltage Mounting Bracket, 2-Gang, 50-Pack LV2-50 $79.99
Arlington Industries LPCG507 1/2-Inch Low-Profile Strain Relief Cord Connectors, 25-Pack LPCG507-25 $46.99
Arlington Industries LPCG503 1/2-Inch Low-Profile Strain Relief Cord Connectors, 25-Pack LPCG503-25 $59.99
Arlington FS8161 Weatherproof Flanged Outlet Switch Box for Flat Surfaces, White, 1-Pack FS8161-1 $8.99
Arlington Industries FLBRF101W-1 Retrofit Electrical Floor Box with Flip Lids for Existing Floors, White, 1-Pack FLBRF101W-1 $23.99
Arlington Industries FLBRF101BL-1 Retrofit Electrical Floor Box with Flip Lids for Existing Floors, Black, 1-Pack FLBRF101BL-1 $23.99
Arlington FLBAR101BR-1 Adjustable Round Floor Box Kit with Outlet and Plate, for Installed Floors, 1-Gang, Brown, 1-Pack FLBAR101BR-1 $23.99
Arlington Industries FB900-1 Fan Mounting box, Cathedral Ceiling 80° & Up, White FB900-1 $25.99
Arlington FA102 2-Gang Adjustable Non-Metallic Outlet Box 3.720 Inch x 4.111 Inch x 3.875 Inch 43.5 Cubic-Inch In/Out Box™ FA102 2 $8.99
Arlington Industries EB1212BL-1 Electronic Equipment Enclosure Box (Pack of 1), 12" x 12" x 4", Black EB1212BL-1 $45.99
Arlington DBHS1C-1 Low Profile IN BOX Recessed Outlet Box Wall Plate Kit for New Vinyl Siding Construction, Horizontal, 1-Gang, Clear DBHS1C-1 $25.89
Arlington CER2-1 Cable Wall Plate with Removable Lower Plate, 2-Gang, White CER2-1 $6.39
Arlington Non-Metallic Box Extender, 1-Gang (2-Pack) CECOMINOD082164/2PACK $10.99
Arlington Non-Metallic Box Extender, 1-Gang CECOMINOD082164 $6.99
Arlington Industries Arlington BE1R Plastic 1-Gang Ceiling Box Extender 4.35 Inch x 1.5 Inch, COLOR BE1R $4.49
Arlington Push-In Connector Ul And Csa Bag 25 38AST-25 $28.45
ARLINGTON 38AST Connector Straight 3/8In .405In Min Open A-38AST $4.99
Arlington Industries LVCED130WP-1 Cable Entry Device with Slotted Cover, Low-Voltage Bracket and Wall Plate, White, 1-Pack AI-LVCED130WP-1PK $8.99
Arlington EB0708-1 Electronic Equipment Enclosure Box, 7" x 8" x 3.5", Non-Metallic, 1-Pack AI-EB0708-1PK $20.99