3-Socket Cigarette Lighter Car Power Adapter with 2 USB Charging Ports 3.1A

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Cigarette Lighter 3-Way Socket Extender with 2 UBS Ports:

This adapter converts 1 cigarette lighter socket in to basically a car charging station, it converts from 1 socket in to 3 sockets plus two USB Charging ports that allows to simultaneously charge up to 5 devices, features a blue LED light that turns on automatically as soon as the automobile center starts, the 2Ft cord allows you to share one charging socket or USB Ports with back seat passengers so they can charge their devices as well.

More Information:
* Two divided compartments
* Folds and converts from one to two compartments in seconds
* 3 front mesh pockets for easy access to small tools
* 2 Stiched in handles for easy carry
* Seats stable on floor,carpet and trunks
* It features velcro straps for stability
* Designed to hold large and small items
* Dimensions (25.5")x(13")x(13") (W x H x D)
* Material PE (Polyethylene)

* 3 Cigarette lighter charging Sockets
* 2 USB Charging ports
* Up to 80w , enough for 5 devices
* Charges devices Simultaneously
* Blue light turns on Automatically
* Ideal to charger Cellphones,Tablets,MP3 players,Cameras and many other mobile devices
* Durable and compact design
* Double sided sticky pad to stay stable on almost any surface
* Build-in Protection Fuse
* Black Color
# Of Sockets: 3 Sockets
Product Size:(120x50x36mm)
Material:ABS, PC
Output:12-24V-DC 80W
Cable Length:2Ft
Box QTY:100pcs