5Kg (11LBS) Food Grade Stainless Bowl Kitchen Scale NS-K21

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(5000g) Food Grade Stainless Bowl Kitchen Scale

This Stainless Steel Bowl Kitchen Scale is designed for kitchen use. Great tool to keep measure on ingredient portions or simply to add the correct amount of ingredients to your favorites recipes. Great to weigh fruits, vegetables, meats, cheese, nuts and many other ingredients. It features a multi-use stainless bowl that detects current temperature. It weighs in ounces (oz), milliliters (ml), and grams (g) units.


* Stainless Steel Body Tray & Bowl
* Manual Auto-OFF
* Timer 
* Bright Back-lit LCD
* Reads in ounces (oz), milliliters (ml), and grams (g) 
* Thermometer Reads °C or F°
* Tare Function
* Large Size and easy to clean Bowl




5Kg (5000g)
Units/Weight Modes
oz, ml, g
Auto off
2 Minutes
Scale Dimensions
190mm x 190mm x 50mm
Try Dimensions
117mm Diameter
Operating Temperature
Optimum 10-40°C (50-104°F
Power Source
2x AAA Baterry
Tare Range
Up to Scale's Maximum Capacity
Shipping Weight
1.66 Lbs