Anti Static Heel Grounder

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Foot grounders provides a continuous ground path between the operator and a properly grounded ESD protected flooring. Foot grounders are designed for use in applications where user mobility is required, such as wave solder, kitting, and quality control. Foot grounders quickly and effectively drain the static charges which collect on personnel during normal, everyday activities. General Guidelines 
1. Two foot grounders are recommended for reliable grounding and ESD protection, providing ground when one foot is off the floor. 
2. The grounding tab should be tucked inside the shoe with as much contact area as possible to the bottom of the stockinged foot. Foot grounders rely upon the perspiration layer inside of the shoe to make contact through the stocking. 
3. Operator is grounded when foot is in contact with grounded dissipative or conductive flooring. 
4. For most applications, a current limiting resistor in series with the grounding tab is recommended. 
5. It is not recommended to use foot grounders where exposure to line voltages above250V AC is possible.


1. Adjustable with NON-elastic Velcro, Hook and Loop, 3/4" width, Black 
2. 0.070'' thick, 1.5'' with, three layer laminated, rubber sole. White Color inner layer is insulative styrene-butadienne-rubber. Outer black colored layer is conductive styrene-butadienne rubber. 
3. Sole Exterior: <105 ohms 
4. Sole Interior: Non-Marking 
5. Burgundy, grounding polyester ribbon tab, 18''/30'' long with 8 conductive nylon strands, two-sided reversible, may be positioned on either side of foot. 
6. A 1/4 watt, 1 megohm, 1.5megohm or 2megohm resistor are possible 
7. No Silicone is used in the materials that make our foot grounders