Buyer's Point HDMI Wall Plate | UL Listed 1 Port HDMI 2.0 w/Built in 6-inch Pigtail, Supports Ethernet and 4K Video, Perfect Cable for Gaming PC, BluRay and Home Theaters (Black) — 1 Pack

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About this item

  • STREAMLINE CORDS. Don't let your cables and wires cause a mess — start your home improvement with HDMI wall plates from Buyer's Point. Featuring a built-in 6-inch pigtail cable for easy-access female-to-female HDMI connection, let your tech work for you!
  • HDMI & ETHERNET. Enjoy both standard HDMI (720p, 1080i, 4k) compatibility and a designated HDMI Ethernet channel for all enabled devices. Experience premium connection for 3D, eARC and Backwards Compatible entertainment with simple cord management.
  • DIY INSTALL. With a new, heavy-duty screw-free back connector, you won't have to worry about your connections breaking during installation. Just connect your cables, screw the plate into the wall and enjoy cable management for all HDMI devices in minutes.
  • MODERN SOLUTIONS. If your house is filled with tangled cords, you need this HDMI wall jack. Start enjoying high-speed HDMI and data connection for your PS5, Xbox Series X, Bluray and other entertainment media with this discreet wall plate.
  • PEACE OF MIND. At Buyer's Point, we've built an industry-leading reputation in wall receptacle plates over the last decade. We offer high-quality, affordable products designed for every need, such as our brush wall plates, coax ports, and more.