Digital WiFi Hot Spotter

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WiFi Detector is a useful Wi-Fi signal locating and analyzing device, it has the capacity to detect and show clear description of each wireless access point near you. The WL-F601 PRO shows information not only signal strength but also lots of other useful information like access point’s SSID/Channels and whether the hotspots are an open (or encrypted) sites or not…etc. It has a big LCD screen to show each site’s detail information in one page. 

If you don’t want to switch on your notebook before find out the hotspots near you or you knew there’s a hotspot available and you want to position yourself to get the best signal or even you need steal bandwidth from an open site from time to time then it is what you need. 

* Big LCD screen with backlight to show clear description 
* Shows signal strength, network ID (SSID), encryption status and channel 
* Provides specific information about each network when multiple APs were detected 
* To sort the order by signal strength when multiple APs were detected 
* Coverage: Up to 300 ft. ( 90 m) open environment 
* Compatibility: IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g networks
* Auto power off function