HDMI 330Ft (100m) Wireless Extender 1080p

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Spec Drawing

The Wireless HDMI™ Extender lets you extend HDMI audio/video signal up to 100meters (328 feet) via 5GHz band, with very low latency. The Wireless HDMI Extender includes both the Transmitter and Receiver, ideal for the point to point digital signal extension situations that require high quality HDMI™ video and some place which have the limitation to physical wire connection. It supports up to 4 displays to show one source content synchronously and resolutions up to 1080p. It also allows user to control source device from display side via source device’s remote controller..

Features :
* Support 5GHz single frequency wireless A/V transmission
* Wireless extension of HDMI up to 100 meters (328 feet) with no obstruction
* Compliant with HDCP1.3
* Support highest video resolution 1080p
* Support Point-to-Point and Multicast transmission (up to 4 receivers)
* Plug and Play

Package Contents :
* Main Unit - Sender x1
* Main Unit - Receiver x1
* IR Sender x1
* IR Receiver x1
* Mounting Ear x4
* 5V DC Power Adapter x2
* User Manual x1