HDMI 4X2 Matrix with Audio 4k @ 30Hz

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Spec Drawing

The 4K HDMI Matrix Switch allows you share up to 4 distinct HDMI with audio, between 2 independent displays or projectors. This matrix switch allows each input and the corresponding audio to be switched individually, meaning that different two A/V sources can be shown on each output, or a single source can be output to two, offering maximum flexibility.

Features :
* 4 HDMI inputs / 2 HDMI Outputs
* Support audio output simultaneously Stereo, Toslink and Coaxial
* Audio channels are select-able via remote control
* Supports highest video resolution 4K@30Hz
* Supports 16 bit per channel (48bit all channels) deep color
* Plug and Play

Package Contents :
* Main unit
* 5V DC Power Adapter
* Remote Control
* User Manual