HDMI Cable Tester HDMI A Type and C (Mini) Type, NF-622

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This HDMI Cable Tester quickly tests continuity of all HDMI features. Just plug in cable, it will instantly tell you if the cable passes or fails the continuity test. A must item for home theater installers or HDMI cable retailers.

This tester has Type A connectors and Type C (mini) connectors. It can test both HDMI Type A and HDMI Type C cables without using adapters. Detachable remote unit is convenient for testing cables already installed in the wall. Powered by DC 9V battery.

1. Quick and accurate continuity testing of HDMI cables with type A-A, A-C, and C-C connectors.
2. Check pass, open, cross and short status of HDMI cables.
3. Mapping continuity and proper configuration.
4. 19 pins and ground connection and 4 status LEDs.
5. Capable of checking wiremap only with master unit.
6. Three test modes: Fast scan, slow scan, and step by step manual testing.
7. Design with loopback function.
8. Carry case