LAN Device Status Identifier

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LANID is a tool for verifying and troubleshooting local area networks. It is designed for network administrators to quickly diagnose problems during LAN installation and repair. With a simple push of a button, the LANID will display the status of network devices, whither it is running a 10BASE-T or 100BASE-T network. 

* Auto negotiation:
* 100BASE-Tx full duplex 
* 100BASE-Tx half duplex 
* 10BASE-Tx full duplex 
* 10BASE-Tx half duplex 
* 100BASE-T4 

LANID can provide:
* Whether the link is up or not 
* Whether the device is transmitting a packet or not 
* Whether the device is working in full duplex mode or half duplex mode 
* Whether the device is operating in 100BASE-Tx, 10BASE-Tx or 100BASE-T4 mode 
* Whether a data transmission error has occurred