LC uniboot patch cord 10Gb 50/125 OM3 cable,2M Aqua Jacket

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Uniboot fiber patch cable is a Premium OM3 fiber, standard jacket Uniboot Fiber Patch Cable is designed for light to medium duty indoor applications such as data-center racks and desktop/network connectivity, it offers the best solution for high-density applications allowing and improving air flow in to racks and data centers


*Cable type Uniboot
* 10G multimode (OM3)
* 50/125 Dia 
* Fiber count duplex 
*Cable length 2 Meter 
*Jacket color Aqua 
*Connnector type LC-LC Male 
* UPC Polish 

ideal to connect 10G Base-SR, 10G Base-LRM, SFP and QSFP + Tranceivers to 10 gigabit network panels and switches