LCD Display Multi Scanning Multi Function 3 in 1 Stud Sensor

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This unit is a 3 in 1 Metal/Voltage/Stud Detector. It uses electronic signals to locate the exact position of studs, ceiling joist AC wires and metal through drywall, concrete and other common wall materials. Once the edge of a stud has been detected, it emits audio and visual signals the LCD display allows you to easily pinpoint its center position.

Main Features & Specs:

* 3 -in-1 function selection, find wood stud / metal objects / live wiring
* Simulation Bar indicate stud edges 
* Front pointer for easy marking of stud edges 
* Sound signal reminder 
* Hand grips for ergonomic comfort 
* Low battery indication
* 9V Battery included 

Shell Material: ABS
Battery power: 6F 22 9V battery
Stud detecting depth: wood 30*30mm: ≤18mm
Metal detecting depth: iron pipt Φ25mm: ≤30mm
AC live wire detecting depth: AC 90 ~ 250V ≤50mm
Operating temperature & humidity: -7℃ ~ -40℃, <75%
Storage temperature & humidity: -20℃~ 50℃, <85%
Size/ Dim: 155 *28 *75 mm / 6.25in * 1.92 in * 2.95in