Powercom SMK-2000A, 2000VA, 6+0 Outlets

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AC Input Capacity on Battery : 2000VA
AC Input Voltage (+/-) : 25% at line input
AC Input Frequency : 50 or 60 Hz+/-5% (auto sensing)

AC Output Voltage : Pure sine wave at +/-5% of nominal, -10% of nominal after low battery warning
AC Output Frequency : 50 or 60 Hz +/- 0.5%
AC Output Voltage Regulation : AVR automatically increase output voltage 15% above input voltage if -9% to -25% of nominal. AVR decrease output voltage 15% below input voltage if +9% to +25% of nominal

Protection Spike : 320 Joules, 2ms
Protection EMI/RFI : 10dB at 0.15 MHz, 50 dB at 30 MHz
Protection Overload : UPS automatic shutdown if overload exceeds 110% nominal at 20 sec and 125% at 5 sec
Protection Transfer Time : 2/4 milliseconds (typical), including detection time
Protection Short Protection : UPS output cut off immediately or input fuse( or breaker) protection

Battery Type : Hot swappable, sealed, maintenance-free lead acid, with 3 - 6 year lifetime
Battery Typical : 4 hours (to 90% of full capacity)
Battery Protection : Automatic self-test & discharge protection, replace battery indicator
Battery Run Time : ~ 120 minutes

Weight : 30Kg (66lbs)
Dimension : 170x450x226mm (6.7x17.7x8.9")

LCD Indicators Status Indicate line, bypass, inv, backup, fault, bat capacity, load capacity, I/P frequency, O/P voltage, O/P frequency, inside temperature, fault status, load

Alarm Battery Backup : Slow beeping sound (about 0.25 Hz)
Alarm Battery Low : Rapid beeping sound (about 1.00Hz)
Alarm Overload : Continue beeping sound

Interface Dry Contact : Sends AC fail and battery low signals, and receives shutdown signal from computer
Interface RS-232 : Detect battery low, Schedule UPS on/off, AC input/output power status display
Interface Option : Novell, SNMP, Windows NT, Window 95/98/2000/ME/XP/7/8

Environment Ambient : 3,500 meters max. elevation, 0-95% humidity non-condensing, 0-48 deg c
Environment Audible <40dBA (1 meter from surface) Environment Storage Condition : 15,000 meters max. elevation