SMARTone & SMARTprobe Kit

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The SMARTone & SMARTprobe is a revolutionary network installation and troubleshooting tool, it goes entirely above and beyond the traditional methods to trace & identify cables. 
In the past, when using a tone and probe tool you had to listen quite closely to identify the tone signals; it was easy to confuse the signal with surrounding noises making it difficult to be certain of the results. 

The SMARTone & SMARTprobe uses advanced digital signal technology to trace and identify cables in high speed and high precision; avoiding noise and false signals. It is a true breakthrough beyond traditional testing methods. 

The SMARTone and SMARTprobe is compatible with traditional analog tone generators. Finally, it is not only a Digital tone & Probe but also a cable tester; it can test cable continuity, telephone service/polarity, and even wire mapping. 

* Uses digital signal technology, avoiding noise and false signals 
* Traces and identifies cables quickly and accurately 
* Traces cables at a distance 
* Identifies cables in bundles or at patch panels 
* Sends digital tones in two distinct modes: one note-tone & two-note tone 
* Receiving tone sensitivity level: 9 levels 
* LED Bar and speaker are used as indicators 
* Can use probe to trace traditional 1K Hz analog tone 
* Cable map: pin to pin test for cable opened/shorted/reversed/crossed/mis-wire 
* Cable continuity test: open/continuity 
* Telephone service and polarity test: + polarity; - polarity; ringing 
* Probe has an adjustable speaker volume level suitable for various work environment 
* Auto Power-off and low battery indicator