Strain Relief Clear Boot for Cat.6 Shielded RJ45 100pack

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101306 RJ45 Clear Color Strain Relief Boot, (Pack of 100) is designed specifically to be crimped with BestLink Netware Cat.6 shielded RJ45 plugs listed below, and used with Cat.5E Wire. Once crimped, this design allows the strain relief boot to relax slightly, preventing the cable pairs from being over compressed. This decrease in stress contributes to achieving stable Ethernet connection. The tab on the strain relief is designed to extend over the plug's locking tab, making it snag proof when administering patch cables. All our RJ45 boots are RoHS compliant.

Applicable RJ45 plugs:

101229 (RJ45 Cat.6 Shielded Plug Stranded with inserter 50Micron 100pk)

101230 (RJ45 Cat.6 Shielded Plug Solid with inserter 50Micron 100pk)